Clipà.Vu 4.1.1609

Save your time by using a smart extension of Windows Clipboard. Clipà.Vu gives you everything you expect from a classic clipboard manager but it does not stop here… You also get the option to sync and share your clips across all your PCs (available in this giveaway) and mobile devices (available 2018) in a private, secure, and encrypted manner.

Main features:

Optional cloud sync across all your PCs;
Optional sync with your Android or iOS devices (2018);
Up to 10.000 history clips, 1.000 favorites, 1.000 images;
Advanced search & filtering;
Fast switching between rich and plain text;
Data encryption;
Smart hotkeys;
And many more...

Introduction video:
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4 votes Vote

be able to hide Clipà.Vu on any side of desktop

Clipà.Vu wold reside on side of desktop hidden from view except for small strip of program showing until mouse over then it would slide out for use. after use program can be hidden again thus clearing the desktop.
Alan, 22.08.2017, 10:39
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get choose an option for networking job

an option for exchange in teamwork
dean, 22.08.2017, 20:51
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Group info

It would be great, if it was possible to group the stored items - like "travel info to Prague", "code event", "address info" etc.
Brian, 22.08.2017, 16:32